Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day in Uitm

What i can remember, i was arrived home a week from Sabah, after follow the national service activity at Kota belud. And i only have a week to prepare all my stuff to go to UiTM Segamat. I am so tired on that time so my mom prepare everything for me. Plus, my skin burns due to national service activity so i do not want to go out at all. Pity on my mom. 

When the day comes, the day i have to go to Segamat i went here with my parents. I am so surprise. Why? Because this campus is surrounded with 'jungle'. No shopping complex. and spontaneous my mom said, "it seems like no shopping complex here, so my money will save." she laugh and i just keep silents. I asked myself how i will live here in this place. No, i do not like it. 

I have to stay at mutiara's college and i have four roomates. They look nice. All of them from Johor. And i am the only one from Kuala Lumpur. I bring many bags and they do not. I am so ashamed. But hey i never care i love all my stuff that is why i bring all of them here. weeee. 

First day in UiTM really make my life sucks. How come my parents leave me here in this weird place. But until now i already in semester3 and i can survive until now. There is no such thing that, no i cant study in this place. Look now i can and comfortable with this place. 

Preparation for Hari Raya

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the day that all muslims waiting for after fasting a month in Ramadhan. So do i. For this year, i do not have enough time to buy my baju raya outfit. Due to money that run away like the river stream really make my sick. Haishh. Plus, i am in Segamat not at Kuala Lumpur so i do not have enough chances to go to shopping at my favourite place. For now on, i just get one outfit. Not enough. This year i will celebrate eid at my hometown at Gerik, Perak. and of course my mom will make many variety of cookies for eid. I hope i am home to help her make the cookies. 

My Favourite Guy

Sometimes people like to ask general questions like 'What are the characteristics of your favourite man"The answer given is often cliche or depends on who your idol on that time. Examples of cliche answers like thisMy dream man must believehandsome and rich. Belief must be called before the characteristics of the others to look islamic and do not see too concerned about the propertyLOLAnswer by idols will be like this. I hope my dream man-style sweet-faced Korean-style, highwhite, hairy and smooth to dance songs SuJu Sorry, sorry. Obviously your girlfriend are talking about Choi Si-Won of SuJu! HAHA.

yeah sure, today i will describe more or less about my dream guy. If you feel these girl have very unrealistics demand, just chill it. Outright title is my favourite guy. Of course it in my dream and favourite state. I am free to use the power of my imagination without limits. Still based on Islamic Syariah (safe statement). I am not so sure i will get my favourite guy in this world. Nevermind, in a dream, it can be..

1# a guy in suit
I want a good-looking guy with a smoking hot body in a fine, expensive suits! Well I like very much see the men in suits. Seriously feel like the man look smart, feel like going close and whisper at his ears,"Homaigad, you looks so hot and i fall in love with you." But most of the time, a suited guy looks good only if he is tall and has a toned body.
2# a guy who goes jogging

If that guy wake up early to go jogging, from there you can know that he is a principled and disciplined. The guy who went jogging make me respect him close. After all, I really like the guy who care about their health. Oh it is so cute, go to Watsons or Guardian together because he want to find the multivitamin!

3# a guy who does the groceries
These are features that impress me the mostLike seriouslyI am so in love with men who do not mind doing women job. I mean how to shop for groceries together. Help cut onions into when he want to give me candle light dinner surpriseOf course you got a yes from me la. In my point of view, most western people have this characteristics, for them men and women is equal to. If in our community we also have the guy with this criteria, but less because we do not like western culture. In our culture we have to respect husband like they are the king. With honor, just follow the husband instruction. If possible, the husband  no need to do anything. That iwhy going to market, to tescocooking in the kitchentake care of children is all of women job. But women also go to work. It is same. Furthermore, if the husband help the wife more the public will say that "his wife is queen control." haiss. close-minded.

4# a guy who hold his child
Needless to say, a man looks like a true hero to me if he holds the baby on one side and hold his wife's hand on the other side. In my view, the guy will look more gentlemen when he do like this. Which I can identified that the guy is very lovely indeed.

5# a guy who can lead the prayer
i am not going to show that i am the islamic one, but seriously i adore this type of guy. At least he can be the 'imam' when i and my children perform the prayers, and lead the 'yassin' every friday night. Always remind me about do not miss the prayer and perform the prayer at the beginning of the time. Seriously feel like more confident to enter the heaven door. As a muslim do you will feel awkward when your husband cannot lead the prayer? for me the answer is 'YES'. yes i will feel awkward. 

So, all in all this is the 5 criteria that i want from my favourite guy. wee. i hope i will get one. aminnn

Ghost story

I've been haunted all my life. I wish I knew the reasons. I'm going to share my stories and I'm going to start with this one. This happened pretty recently. This is always happened when i am going back to hometown. My grandfather house is surrounded with jungle. When look at it yes you will feel something weird and cannot easily explain what is it. 

Everything inside of it was made from the 70's. The house had this very long hallway and at one end was my bedroom and the other end a door leading to a small part of the house that had a bedroom and a bathroom. (the door was always closed and we never used that part of the house). The whole time I have been here that door has been giving me a bad feeling. Every time I get a bad feeling something always happens to me (known because of past experiences), and that alone scared me.

A nights, I went to go to the bathroom, but when I looked down the hall the door was opened. It was pitch black beyond the door and I slowly saw something inside it. It was like a shadow darker than its surroundings, it was a dark figure just standing there. I was just scared standing as it made weird movements. It was twitching (I could not see it clearly but its movements made it clear it was a man spazzing out).

After 5 seconds he retracted in the darkness, and then a few seconds later I could hear something running down the hallway coming towards me violently (there was nothing there though). I ran back in my room in scared. And the next morning the door was closed.

Why is this happening to me? No one believes me. My parents think I'm crazy because I always complain about these things happening to me, I don't blame them though. This isn't the only thing that happened to me either. 

Ramadhan's chidhood memory

My mom asked me to start fasting when i am in standard 2. What i remember about it was, that time was my first day i fasting in my life. I woke up for Sahur and eat like i was the one who fasting for tomorrow, eat like no food to eat tomorrow. So, it seems like i was the one who the excited one.  Then i go to school like usual. My friend, named hidayah brought two sardine's sandwich. During recess time i went down to the canteen. I sat beside hidayah. nyumm nyumm. Her sandwich looks very good and i felt like it called my named "Elyza, come eat me eat me!" and i said,"No, i am fasting today." (talk to myself). All of sudden Hidayah offered me one of her sandwich. She did not know that i was fasting. Due to hunger that i suffered on that time, with pleasure i accepted her offered. Wow, its so enjoyable. I enjoyed each bite. Then, after school my dad fetch me from school. Arrived home i just acted like i was fasting. My parents does not know about it even until now. heee, okeyhh. keep it as secret . ;)

10 facts about me

1. I am addicted to hijab fashion and all about fashion.
            i love fashion damn much. i might not be an attractive one but i know fashion  
            brings the personality of someone. So i really care about what i wear even when i  
            have to mix and match it. Sometimes i also become a fashion victim but i never 
            care because that is the trying to become perfect.

2. I love to make collection of handbag and shoes
            i have a wardrobe at home which is full with my own shoes. when i go out 
            shopping i must buy something between handbag or shoes. must have one when i 
            go back home. its gives me satisfaction. 

3. I love my boyfriend criteria
            my boyfriend criteria. he is the one that have criteria for my dream guy even not 
            all criteria he have at least he have some. He is the one that who care enough for 
            me. For me he can become a friend, enemy, boyfriend. yes, he is universal. i will 
            become a mad person when i let him go. 

4. I love my gadgets even they are not expensive
            i got a acer laptop (aspire 4741z) and a Nokia X3 as my lovely gadgets. Yes they are 
            not expensive as apple and ipod. Why i love them much because both of them is 
            my parents given. So, i do appreciated them damn much.

5. I love cute and pink stuff
            in my dream, if can, anything that is cute in this creepy world have to be mine. 
            Plus,if them in pink of colour will become my favourite stuff ever. I am a girl so no 
            wonder this things become the one that i adore. For girls who dont like them it 
            might be something wrong with their hormone.

6. I am a chocolate lover
            i am crazy when i look at the chocolate. I never care if my boyfriend did not give 
            me a bouquet of flower. If he give me a bunch of chocolate yes i love him for 

7. I loves to watch football game
            football and me not really synchronize together but once i watch it i will be the 
            excited one. eyh, who cares. One of my favourite team is Manchester United and 
            of course i support Malaysia team more.

8. I love song which have beautiful meaning
            each time i listen to a song its okay if they do not have beautiful melody at least 
            the lyrics give deeply meaning to me. If i listen to them i can easily related them 
            to anyone that i love. Even not all maybe part of them.

9. I am a punctual person even sometimes i am not
           yes, i am a punctual person. I really hate anyone who let me to wait for them. Even 
           sometimes i am not punctual but usually i am there at the time that i promise. So 
           do not let me waiting. I will become crazy.

10. I am a little girl who have big dreams (i want to go to mecca)
          Mecca. A pure place in this creepy world. I as a muslim yes of course i want to be 
          there. Redeem all my fault. I hope so. 

Life motivation

Life's not as hard as you think. You make mistakes which make you stronger. You fight to make it better. You love to make it right. You hurt to feel something. You regret to make it right the second time around. You forgive but never forget because at the time it's exactly what you wanted. Nobody's perfect, we all screw up. But all the little mistakes in life are worth it all in the end. You're a strong person in the end and everybody is beautiful in their own way so never give up, and be yourself. It's worth it in the end. and in addition listen to your heart saying . but the oldie said "ikut hati mati , ikut badan binasa'' . yahh , its true . but for the bad intention only i think. sometimes , the heart saying is true . believe your heart , and your life is not as hard as you think .

Life isn't about who's the most popular or the best looking. It isn't about wearing cute clothes or having a boyfriend. Life is about loving those who love you. It's about smiling in the rain. It's about laughing in the dark and not caring what you look like or wear.But most importantly..it's about accepting the fact that you are who you are and that's never gonna change .