Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day in Uitm

What i can remember, i was arrived home a week from Sabah, after follow the national service activity at Kota belud. And i only have a week to prepare all my stuff to go to UiTM Segamat. I am so tired on that time so my mom prepare everything for me. Plus, my skin burns due to national service activity so i do not want to go out at all. Pity on my mom. 

When the day comes, the day i have to go to Segamat i went here with my parents. I am so surprise. Why? Because this campus is surrounded with 'jungle'. No shopping complex. and spontaneous my mom said, "it seems like no shopping complex here, so my money will save." she laugh and i just keep silents. I asked myself how i will live here in this place. No, i do not like it. 

I have to stay at mutiara's college and i have four roomates. They look nice. All of them from Johor. And i am the only one from Kuala Lumpur. I bring many bags and they do not. I am so ashamed. But hey i never care i love all my stuff that is why i bring all of them here. weeee. 

First day in UiTM really make my life sucks. How come my parents leave me here in this weird place. But until now i already in semester3 and i can survive until now. There is no such thing that, no i cant study in this place. Look now i can and comfortable with this place. 

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